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Complete Tree Service

We know tree trimming. From branch removal to whole tree excavation, we have the expert knowledge for the job.


Professional Staff & Tools

From proper safety gear to cutting equipment to waste removal, we have it all.


Fully Insured & Licensed

We protect you from falling trees and offer state approved licensing and insurance protection.



VOTED #1 in Best of East Hawaii 2016

Mahalo to all that voted and helped make us number one.



Woodchipping is used to produce landscape and garden mulch. It is used for water conservation, weed control, reducing and preventing soil erosion, and for supporting germination of native seeds and acorns in habitat revegetation-ecological restoration projects. As the chipped wood decompose it improves the soil structure, permeability, bioactivity, and nutrient availability. Woodchips when used as a mulch are at least three inches thick. See all of our available Services.
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Fully Licensed & Insured



Before hiring or contracting a Tree Service company, make sure they have the state required License & Insurance.

Hire only licensed companies to avoid liability from workers and property damage, and assure that the company has acquired appropriate licensing requirements.


Click here on the
State Licensing Database
to verify business licensing:
Hawaii State
Department of Consumer
& Commerce Affairs
Licensing Branch

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"Our project was well done and comprehensive. The crew cleared trees and brush from our property so we could better treat it for the eradication of little fire ants.." ~ Joan S.

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